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Analog Devices Inc

Ahead of What’s Possible

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) empowers the Intelligent Edge with the most innovative analog, digital, and software solutions, accelerating breakthroughs that benefit society and the planet.

Who We Are

Our customers are at the center of our identity, and we are endlessly committed to their success. We listen to our customers and anticipate their needs, working with and alongside them to reduce complexity and co-create the innovations that disrupt markets and help solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Whether discussing the role of technology in helping to mitigate global sustainability concerns or rolling up our sleeves and designing solutions at the Intelligent Edge, ADI has the industry and technology expertise to help our customers succeed.

Empowering the Intelligent Edge

Our solutions help customers transform raw data into actionable insights and make connected devices smarter and more responsive. With our analog and mixed-signal devices, power management, radio frequency offerings, and edge processors and sensors, we harness and activate the data that bridges the physical and digital worlds.

Whatever breakthroughs are next—in aerospace, automotive, sustainable energy, communications, digital healthcare, industrial automation, instrumentation, or consumer—ADI will be there to keep you ahead of what’s possible.




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