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Panasonic Electronic Components is an industry leading manufacturer of high quality, standard, and custom electronic components and semiconductors. Choosing Panasonic Electronic Component’s capacitors and other passive products means you receive the most reliable and advanced electronic components the industry has to offer.

Featured Products by Panasonic Electronic Components

ZV Conductive Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Features a low ESR rating, ideal for automotive industry applications.

ENW89854ATKF Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit

Based on the PAN1780 BLUETOOTH® Low-Energy 5.3 module and Wirepas Mesh firmware connectivity stack.

EEF-KZ Aluminium Organic Polymer Capacitors

High-temperature, long-life capacitors with an endurance of 5000 hours at +125°C.

EEH-ZUU Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Features 4000 endurance hours at 125°C/135°C, series-highest ripple current handling capacity.

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