Product AttributeAttribute Value
Product Category:Fuse Holder
Product:Fuse Holders
Fuse Size/Group:ZCASE
Type:M8 Stud Mount
Mounting Style:Stud
Number of Poles:1 Pole
Current Rating:400 A
Voltage Rating:80 V
Termination Style:Bolt Down
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 105 C
Product Type:Fuse Holders
Factory Pack Quantity:40
Unit Weight:127.330 g


Additional Details

Product Compliance

CNHTS: 8538900000

USHTS: 8536908585

TARIC: 8536908599


More Information

ZCASE® SMZ Stud Mount Fuse Holders
Littelfuse ZCASE® SMZ Stud Mount Fuse Holders permit users to mount fusing to an M8 or M10 stud on batteries, alternators, battery switches, and electric relays. SMZ Fuse Holders receive Littelfuse ZCASE fuses with 40A to 600A scores. The SMZ collection is ideal for stacking to create a 2- and 3-circuit version. A fashionable M8 or M10 nut can secure the fuse holder to a stud. He fuse holder is to be had in four configurations, each with a red defensive cowl designed to lessen the hazard of unintentional touch with the fuse or battery terminal.