Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Molex
Product Category: Fiber Optic Connectors
Product: Adapters
Port Type: Simplex
Mode: Multimode, Singlemode
Number of Positions:
Accessory Type:
Convert From: MPO
Convert To: MPO
IP Rating:
Body Material: Metal
Brand: Molex
Product Type: Fiber Optic Connectors
Factory Pack Quantity: 100
Subcategory: Fiber Optic
Unit Weight: 0.386109 oz


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    Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters
    Optical EMI Shielding Adapters
    Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters address the mechanical-plan necessities restricting EMI and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) emanations from front boards and nooks. The connector lodgings are either all bite the dust cast or half kick the bucket cast, half polymer. The two styles utilize an EMI gasket that seals the connectors to the board. These connectors increment the protecting viability while improving the front-board style contrasted with conventional plastic connectors. The single-or multi-port connector configuration acknowledges one or four connectors, with screw or snap-mount styles accessible. Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters are great for broadcast communications, information/capacity, aviation/protection, and modern test gear.