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Manufacturer: Seeed Studio
Product Category: WiFi / 802.11 Development Tools
Brand: Seeed Studio
Product Type: WiFi Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 50
Subcategory: Development Tools


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    Seeed Studio LoRa-E5 Development Kit
    LoRa-E5 Development Kit
    Seeed Studio LoRa-E5 Development Kit is intended to open the strong presentation of the LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC board. This improvement unit comprises of a LoRa-E5 advancement board, a recieving wire (EU868/US915), a USB type C link, and a two AA 3V battery holder. The LoRa-E5 improvement unit includes full GPIOs that drove out to rich connection points including RS-485 and Grove. This improvement pack upholds the worldwide LoRaWAN® and LoRa recurrence plan and gives a significant distance transmission scope of 10km.