Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Product Category: Specialized Cables
Product: Automotive Cables
Type: Vehicle Charging Inlet
Brand: Phoenix Contact
Product Type: Specialized Cables
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Cable Assemblies


Additional Details

Product Compliance

USHTS: 8544429090

TARIC: 8544429090


More Information

E-Mobility CHARX Charge Inlets
Phoenix Contact E-Mobility CHARX Charge Inlets allow high-strength charging up to 250A non-stop and up to 500A on a brief basis. These inlets function DC cable go-sections as much as 95mm2, an optimized sealing gadget, and up to 1000V score to healthy a variety of application requirements. CHARX price inlets have integrated temperature sensors for precise temperature monitoring at each DC strength touch that transmit the temperature measurement records to the vehicle. Phoenix Contact E-Mobility CHARX Charge Inlets are best for electric powered vehicle battery charging and plug-in hybrid automobile charging.