Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: 3M
Product Category: Adhesive Tapes
Product: Films
Type: High Temperature
Color: Amber
Material: Polyimide (PI)
Adhesive Type: Acrylic
Width – in: 0.25 in
Width – mm: 6.35 mm
Length – in: 36 yd
Length – mm: 32.92 m
Brand: 3M Electronic Specialty
Product Type: Tape
Factory Pack Quantity: 36
Subcategory: Supplies
Part # Aliases: 05113849274 80610876221 7010303999
Unit Weight: 0.776027 oz


Additional Details

Product Compliance

USHTS: 8538908180

CNHTS: 3919109900

CAHTS: 8538909090

JPHTS: 853890000

TARIC: 8538909999

BRHTS: 85389090


More Information

Polyimide Film Protection Tapes
3M Electronic Specialty Polyimide Film Protection Tapes are advanced temperature-resistant tapes for protective digital and electrical additives for the duration of fabrication and in use. These tapes assist improve productivity and device reliability at the same time as offering dielectric protection. Used for a ramification of programs requiring brief or permanent retaining, 3M Polyimide Film Protection Tapes are engineered to provide dependable performance beneath high temperatures and different harsh environmental conditions.