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Product Category:Camera Lenses
Description/Function:Computar C-Mount Lens 2/3 in with a Fixed Focal Length of 12 mm and an Aperture Range from F1.4 – F16 without IR Cut Filter
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 50 C
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 10 C
Product Type:Camera Lenses
Factory Pack Quantity:1


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Basler Lenses
Basler Lenses are available with different mounts and image circles to fit various sensor sizes. The lenses have a good price/performance ratio, and the lens’s image circle must fit the sensor size, or be only negligibly larger. C-mount lenses come in a broad range of quality classifications and have adjustable focus and an iris ring for better configuration of the shutter. The affordable S-mount lenses are outfitted with a fixed aperture, and are focused by adjusting the screw-in depth.