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Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact
Product Category: Data Bus Components – Box Couplers
Mounting Style: Bulkhead
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 70 C
Brand: Phoenix Contact
Product Type: Data Bus Box Couplers
Subcategory: Data Bus Components


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    Phoenix Contact Axioline P
    Axioline P
    Phoenix Contact Axioline P highlights hot-swappable parts that deal time investment funds and accommodation just as consistence with CE, UL, EX, Marine, and Class A confirmations. The Axioline P joins the requirement for secluded availability to different organizations and conventions, and the capacity to add extra norm or potentially naturally safe I/Os to a similar measured station. Joining these two capacities limits rail utilization and decrease Ethernet hubs conveying back to the Distributed Control System (DCS). Phoenix Contact Axioline P is upheld for S2, R1, and R2 framework overt repetitiveness.