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Manufacturer:Laird Thermal Systems
Product Category:Thermoelectric Peltier Modules
Product Type:Thermoelectric Peltier Modules
Type:Thermal Cycling
Cooling Power:20 W
Qmax:19.4 W
Delta Tmax:+ 73.6 C
Maximum Current:4 A
Maximum Voltage:8.3 V
Length:20 mm
Width:20 mm
Height:3.5 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 120 C
Brand:Laird Thermal Systems
Lead Length:152.4 mm
Factory Pack Quantity:1
Termination Style:Wire Lead
Part # Aliases:PCX4,7,F1,2020,TA,RT,W6


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Laird Thermal Systems PowerCycling PCX Thermoelectric Coolers
PowerCycling PCX Thermoelectric Coolers
Laird Thermal Systems PowerCycling PCX Thermoelectric Coolers are tried to endure thorough cycle testing dependent on the most recent PCR industry test conventions. Warm cycling opens thermoelectric coolers to mechanical anxieties as the module extends and contracts from continued warming and cooling cycles. This upsetting system can rapidly corrupt the drawn out exhibition and functional existence of a standard thermoelectric cooler. These PowerCycling PCX Thermoelectric Coolers from Laird are collected with cutting edge thermoelectric materials and upgraded module development, giving further developed execution and long-life working in warm cycling applications.