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Manufacturer: Adafruit
Product Category: Security / Authentication Development Tools
Product: Breakout Boards
Tool Is For Evaluation Of: SLS 32AIA
Brand: Adafruit
Product Type: Security / Authentication Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools
Unit Weight: 0.063493 oz


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    Adafruit Infineon Trust M Breakout Board
    Infineon Trust M Breakout Board
    Adafruit Infineon Trust M Breakout Board is a STEMMA I2C breakout for the Infineon OPTIGA TRUST M SLS 32AIA. OPTIGA Trust M is the up and coming age of Trust X. OPTIGA Trust M brings RSA® 1K/2K and ECC256/384. A crypto validation chip similar as the ATECC608 STEMMA yet with ECC NIST P256/P384, SHA-256, TRNG, DRNG, RSA 1024/2048 and 4.5K of client memory. This chip can store private keys safely, just as produce genuine arbitrary numbers. This board accompanies a touch of 0.1″ standard header on the off chance that the client needs to utilize it with a breadboard or perfboard. Four 2.5mm (0.1″) mounting openings are likewise included for simple connection. Clear Padlock and STEMMA QT link are excluded.