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Manufacturer: Laird Connectivity
Product Category: Industrial Temperature Sensors
Shipping Restrictions:  This product may require additional documentation to export from the United States.
Product: Temperature Probes
Accuracy: +/- 0.65 C to +/- 1.01 C
Description/Function: Externel Temperature Probe – Europe
Brand: Laird Connectivity
IP Rating: IP65
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 50 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 25 C
Operating Frequency: 868 MHz
Product Type: Temperature Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Sensors
Technology: RTD
Unit Weight: 7.054792 oz


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    Laird Connectivity Sentrius™ RS1x Ext. RTD Temperature Sensors
    Sentrius™ RS1x Ext. RTD Temperature Sensors
    Laird Connectivity Sentrius™ RS1x Ext. RTD Temperature Sensor walled in area is intended to work with partners treated steel RTD temperature tests, which can be requested independently. The tests house a Class A resilience PT100 opposition temperature locator (RTD) (IEC 60751 norm). The sensors are important for a battery-controlled, long-range sensor stage that use the advantages of LoRaWAN and BLUETOOTH® Low Energy (BLE) availability. The sensor lodging use a RJ45C connector (IP66-IP68 evaluated) that the client associates the test link get together into. Laird Connectivity Sentrius RS1x Ext. RTD Temperature Probe sensors are great for use in testing conditions and utilizing the radio spread advantages of sending information over LoRaWAN. Ordinary applications incorporate sanitation the board, clinical inventory (immunization) stockpiling/transport, agrarian ecological checking, and modern warming and cooling.