Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Mill-Max
Product Category: Circuit Board Hardware – PCB
Product: Pins
Type: Double Tail Header Pin
Length: 7.34 mm
Outside Diameter: 0.46 mm
Brand: Mill-Max
Mounting Hole Size: 0.686 mm
Packaging: Bulk
Product Type: Circuit Board Hardware – PCB
Factory Pack Quantity: 500
Subcategory: Hardware


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    Mill-Max Plated Through-Hole Press-Fit Pins
    Plated Through-Hole Press-Fit Pins
    Mill-Max Plated Through-Hole Press-Fit Pins are designed for applications in which mechanical strength and/or power delivery is essential such as power supplies, power converters, and any device subject to blind mating or rough handling. Each pin is suitable for solderless PCB termination. The Press-Fit Pins are manufactured with precision multi-faceted (polygon) features to suit a variety of hole sizes and assembly requirements. Square pin options leave a large gap between the flat side of the pin and hole, allowing for solder flow or venting gasses. Hexagonal pins provide interference with greater retention.