Product AttributeAttribute Value
Product Category:Cameras & Camera Modules
Product Type:Camera (Enclosed Cameras)
Product:Depth Cameras
Display Resolution – Pixels:1920 x 1080
Interface Type:CSI, GPIO, I2C, SPI, USB
Number of frames per second:90 fps
Operating Supply Voltage:5 V
Video Format Supported:RGB
Minimum Operating Temperature:0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 35 C
Operating Supply Current:700 mA
Factory Pack Quantity:5
Subcategory:Embedded Solutions
Part # Aliases:999AFR
Unit Weight:0.564383 oz


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Intel RealSense™ Technology
RealSense™ Technology
Intel® RealSense™ Technology is a collection of hardware and software capabilities that allows you to interact with a device in a non-traditional manner and enables you to develop highly interactive applications or solutions. Intel® RealSense™ Technology enables developers to integrate 3D senses into their designs, from robotics and drones to virtual reality and client applications. Just as binocular vision gives humans the ability to see the world in three dimensions, the goal of Intel® RealSense™ Technology is to enable intelligent, interactive and autonomous machines with human-like 3D perception.