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Manufacturer:Laird Performance Materials
Product Category:Thermal Interface Products
Brand:Laird Performance Materials
Product Type:Thermal Interface Products
Factory Pack Quantity:7
Subcategory:Thermal Management


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Laird Performance Materials Tflex™ B200 Thermal Gap Fillers
Tflex™ B200 Thermal Gap Fillers
Laird Performance Materials Tflex™ B200 Thermal Gap Fillers offer 2W/m.K warm conductivity, UL94V-0 combustibility rating, and – 40°C to +150°C temperature range. Tflex B200 series includes low modulus connection point and non-abrasiveness, alleviating mechanical pressure and appropriately filling holes because of resilience that lessens warm opposition. These fillers give fiberglass requirement that ensures against leap forward or misshaping during manual or mechanized get together. Laird Tflex B200 Thermal Gap Fillers are agreeable to application surfaces for long haul unwavering quality.