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Manufacturer: Arduino
Product Category: Development Boards & Kits – AVR
Product: Development Boards
Tool Is For Evaluation Of: RP2040
Brand: Arduino
Product Type: Development Boards & Kits – AVR
Factory Pack Quantity: 50
Subcategory: Development Tools

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Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
Nano RP2040 Connect
The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect depends on the RP2040 chip and incorporates sensors and availability. Sense, process, send information to the cloud, and effectively make associated items utilizing the full Arduino biological system. This board is the main RP2040-based board with WiFi/BLE network. The board has a receiver and a 6-pivot IMU and use the Nano structure factor. It’s pin-viable with the more established 3.3v Nano sheets. It’s additionally among the couple of sheets upheld by Picovoice (accomplice) for nothing. The Nano family has fortified cushions. This board is upheld by Arduino IoT Cloud.