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Manufacturer: CUI Devices
Product Category: Encoders
Mounting Style: Chassis
Product: Modular Incremental Encoder
Type: Incremental
Resolution: 120 PPR to 5120 PPR
Technology: Rotary
Number of Detents: No Detent
Termination Style: Axial
Output Type: Quadrature
Operating Supply Voltage: 3.1 V to 5.5 V
Brand: CUI Devices
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Orientation: Vertical
Product Type: Encoders
Shaft Length: 9 mm
Subcategory: Encoders


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    CUI Devices AMT10/E Incremental Capacitive Modular Encoders
    AMT10/E Incremental Capacitive Modular Encoders
    CUI Devices AMT10 and AMT10E Rugged, High Accuracy Incremental Encoders offer 16 programmable goals from 48PPR to 5120PPR. With a creative capacitive stage, the series isn’t powerless to toxins like soil, residue, and oil that regularly plague encoders in modern conditions. The AMT10’s configuration additionally improves on the get together cycle, diminishing the tedious errands of mounting and arrangement to only seconds. Joined with a working temperature scope of – 40°C to +100°C, high exactness, a minimized bundle, and low current draw, the CUI AMT10 and AMT10E give a convincing answer for a scope of modern, mechanization, advanced mechanics, and sustainable power applications.