Product AttributeAttribute Value
Manufacturer:CUI Devices
Product Category:Encoders
Mounting Style:Panel Mount
Resolution:14 PPR
Number of Detents:No Detent
Termination Style:Axial Connector
Output Type:14 bit Multi-Turn
Shaft Diameter:Assorted Sleeves
Operating Supply Voltage:5 VDC
Brand:CUI Devices
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 40 C
Product Type:Encoders
Shaft Length:No Shaft
Factory Pack Quantity:100
Unit Weight:0.553801 oz


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CUI Devices AMT Absolute Capacitive Modular Encoders
AMT Absolute Capacitive Modular Encoders
CUI Devices AMT Rugged, High Accuracy Absolute Modular Encoders yield 12-pieces or 14-pieces of outright position data with SPI, SSI, or RS-485 correspondence. With an imaginative capacitive stage, the parts are not defenseless to impurities like soil, residue, and oil that normally plague encoders in modern conditions. The encoder’s configuration additionally improves on the gathering system, decreasing the tedious undertakings of mounting and arrangement to only seconds with the One Touch Zero™ element. The series includes high exactness, a reduced bundle effortlessly of establishment, outspread and pivotal link associations, and low current draw. The AMT Absolute encoders give a convincing answer for a scope of modern, robotization, advanced mechanics, and environmentally friendly power applications. Setup and firmware updates can be made by means of the AMT Viewpoint™ programming.