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Manufacturer: ArduSimple
Product Category: Antenna Development Tools
Product: Antenna Kits
Packaging: Bulk
Brand: ArduSimple
Product Type: Antenna Development Tools
Subcategory: Development Tools


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ArduSimple Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Professional Survey Kits
Ongoing Kinematic (RTK) Professional Survey Kits
ArduSimple Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Professional Survey Kits give everything expected to begin looking over assignments with RTK and centimeter-level exactness. Constant Kinematic situating is a satellite route strategy used to improve the accuracy of position information got from the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). RTK utilizes estimations of the period of the sign’s transporter wave, notwithstanding the data content of the sign, and depends on a solitary reference station or inserted virtual station to give ongoing adjustments, giving up to centimeter-level precision.