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Manufacturer: ams
Product Category: Optical Sensor Development Tools
Brand: ams
Product Type: Optical Sensor Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools
Part # Aliases: 990601085


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    ams AS7341 11-Channel Spectral Sensor Evaluation Kit
    AS7341 11-Channel Spectral Sensor Evaluation Kit
    ams AS7341 11-Channel Spectral Sensor Evaluation Kit is a stage to assess the ams AS7341 11-channel ghastly sensor. The pack remembers the AS7341 Software GUI that runs for a Windows PC. The EVAL KIT acknowledges fundamental capacities to get the sensor’s ADC counts dependent on elective arrangements. The unit incorporates unique capacities to exhibit application-explicit errands. These errands incorporate Ambient Light Sensing, Flicker estimation and Reflection mode. A portion of these capacities need an equipment variation (e.g., LED ready for reflection). Some additionally need a mechanical connection point which should be requested independently.