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Manufacturer: Microchip
Product Category: Capacitive Touch Sensors
Sensor Type: Button, Slider, Wheel, Proximity
Number of Channels: 12 Channel
Interface Type: I2C
Package / Case: SOIC-20
Packaging: Reel
Packaging: Cut Tape
Brand: Microchip Technology / Atmel
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Product Type: Touch Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity: 1000
Subcategory: Sensors
Unit Weight: 0.019118 oz


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Micro processor Technology QTouch™ Sensor ICs
QTouch™ Sensor ICs
Micro processor Technology QTouch™ Sensor ICs arms fashioners with strong, dependable capacitive touch controls utilized in practical and rich touchscreens that react to a wide assortment of types by memory and motions. The Microchip QTouch IC family infers its vigorous and solid qualities from the sign handling in the choice rationale, which dispenses with bogus setting off because of electrostatic spikes or flitting accidental touch or closeness. The sensors in the Microchip QTouch IC can drive single or different keys, and each key can be set for a singular affectability level. QTouch innovation can be sent in typical touch mode or high-affectability vicinity mode. In vicinity mode, profoundly delicate charge move closeness detecting is utilized to distinguish an end-client’s moving toward finger and has the UI interfere with the electronic hardware or electrical machine to start a framework work.