Product AttributeAttribute Value
Manufacturer:EPCOS / TDK
Product Category:Circuit Protection Kits
Product:NTC Thermistor Kits
Type:Inrush Current Limiters
For Use With:Temperature Measurement
Product Type:Kits
Factory Pack Quantity:1
Subcategory:Circuit Protection Kits
Part # Aliases:B57888S888M888


Additional Details

Product Compliance

CNHTS: 8533400000

CAHTS: 8533210000

USHTS: 8533210080

JPHTS: 8533210000

KRHTS: 8533219000

TARIC: 8533210000

MXHTS: 85332101

BRHTS: 85332110E


More Information

Design Kits
EPCOS Design Kits feature a diffusion of additives effectively packaged and personally classified for easy access. These kits are designed to assist engineers select the appropriate components for his or her packages. A brief description introduces every pattern kit and the View Product hyperlink is observed by way of PDFs that offer an interior view of the kit as well as the components. EPCOS Design Kits are available for Film Capacitors, Power Line Chokes, High-Current Chokes, Protection Devices, Sensors, Chip Inductors, Power Inductors Transformers, and Transponder Coils.