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Manufacturer: EPCOS / TDK
Product Category: Ferrite Cores & Accessories
Product: Ferrite Cores
Type: Distributed Gap
Core Size: PQ 65 x 60
Core Material: N95
Packaging: Tray
Brand: EPCOS / TDK
Product Type: Ferrite Cores & Accessories
Factory Pack Quantity: 14
Subcategory: Ferrites
Part # Aliases: B65982Q0100K095 B65982Q 100K 95 PQ65/60-N95-DG100 PQ65/60


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    EPCOS/TDK Distributed Gapped Cores
    Disseminated Gapped Cores
    EPCOS/TDK Distributed Gapped Cores increment power dealing with ability and permit higher flows. These gadgets are normally used to plan power stifles and flyback converters and decrease nearness misfortunes by up to 70%. These air holes offer a specialized arrangement intended to fundamentally bring down the bordering transition impact to diminish electromagnetic emanations and warming. EPCOS/TDK Distributed Gapped Cores work on the warm presentation of strong wire and high-recurrence (HF) Litz wire plans. The air holes permit the decrease of the center size by one class, (for example, E 65 to E 55) because of lower winding misfortunes. These EPCOS/TDK centers are intended for the market patterns of cutting back and expanded power thickness, making them ideal for car and modern applications.