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Manufacturer: EPCOS / TDK
Product Category: Electronic Battery
Rechargeable/Non-Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Output Voltage: 1.5 V
Capacity: 100 uAh
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ceramic (LCB)
Termination Style: SMD/SMT
Length: 4.4 mm
Width: 3 mm
Height: 1.1 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 20 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 80 C
Packaging: Bulk
Brand: EPCOS / TDK
Product Type: Electronic Battery
Factory Pack Quantity: 10
Subcategory: Battery
Part # Aliases: B73180A 101M199 B73180A101M199 Z62000Z2910Z01Z05
Unit Weight: 0.546358 oz


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    EPCOS/TDK CeraCharge™ Rechargeable Solid-State SMD Battery
    CeraCharge™ Rechargeable Solid-State SMD Battery
    TDK CeraCharge™ Solid-State SMD Battery is the main strong state battery-powered battery in SMD innovation. CeraCharge can perform up to 1000 charge/release cycles and permits simple position and handling utilizing reflow binding methods. TDK CeraCharge contains no fluid electrolyte and depends on multi-facet innovation. This innovation implies that a moderately high energy thickness and little volume are joined with the security and high-volume fabricating advantages of ceramic multi-facet parts. The strong fired component precludes the danger of fire, blast, or spillage of fluid electrolyte. This strong state SMD battery arrives in a 4.4 x 3 x 1.1mm bundle and offers 100µAh ostensible limit at an evaluated voltage of 1.5V. This battery is great for Internet of Things applications, including ongoing tickers, BLUETOOTH® guides, and energy reaping frameworks.