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Product Category:Solar Panels & Solar Cells
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 20 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 60 C
Length:17 mm
Width:0.2 mm
Product:Film Solar Cells
Product Type:Solar Panels & Solar Cells
Factory Pack Quantity:200
Voc – Open Circuit Voltage:2.8 V


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TDK BCS Low Illumination Solar Cells
BCS Low Illumination Solar Cells
TDK BCS Low Illumination Solar Cells are slender, lightweight, adaptable, indistinct silicon type, film sun oriented cells accessible in roundabout or quadrangle shapes. The BCS Solar Cells offer high power age effectiveness under fluorescent lights and LED light sources with yield dependability in low and faint light conditions. These sunlight based cells assist with lessening cost in battery substitution and wiring while at the same time broadening the existence of the essential battery and the use season of battery-powered gadgets. There is no hardware harm or ecological contamination because of fluid spillage. The perfect energy BCS Low Illumination Solar Cells from TDK are reasonable as a power hotspot for items utilized inside.