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Manufacturer: Murata
Product Category: Coin Cell Battery
Shipping Restrictions:  Available in USA only.
Battery Size: CR2477
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2)
Output Voltage: 3 V
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Termination Style: PC Pins (Vertical 2-Pin)
Orientation: Horizontal
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 125 C
Packaging: Tray
Brand: Murata Electronics
Product Type: Coin Cell Battery
Factory Pack Quantity: 25
Subcategory: Battery
Part # Aliases: 97384151
Unit Weight: 0.342157 oz


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    Murata Electronics CRx Micro Batteries
    CRx Micro Batteries
    Murata Electronics CRx Micro Batteries are heat safe, lightweight, high voltage, and high energy thickness manganese dioxide lithium batteries. These batteries utilize exceptionally handled Manganese dioxide (MnO2) as the cathode material and high-voltage and high-movement lithium metal as the anode material. The miniature batteries fuse Lithium salt liquid into a natural arrangement as the electrolyte that guarantees the transmission of high voltage and high-energy to the outside. The electrolyte is Lithium salt liquid into a natural arrangement that guarantees the simple transmission of high voltage and high energy to the outside. These batteries furnish an ostensible voltage of 3V with a limit scope of 30mAh to 1000mAh. The miniature batteries give a standard release current of 0.1mA to 0.2mA with a working temperature range between – 40°C to 125°C. These batteries offer fantastic spillage opposition, long haul unwavering quality, and are UL supported.