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Manufacturer: Crowd Supply
Product Category: Crowd Supply Accessories
Product: MicroBytes
Type: Retro-Gaming Console
Brand: Crowd Supply
Product Type: Accessories
Subcategory: Supplies


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    USHTS: 9504500000

    ECCN: EAR99

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    Crowd Supply microBytes are tiny, open-hardware, battery-powered, and hand held consoles that could execute video games from traditional 8Bit consoles. These consoles allow playing games from the NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Gear, and Sega Master System. The microBytes characteristic a colorful and excessive pixel density ST7789 IPS display with an Espressif ESP32 Wrover E processor. The microBytes firmware, case, or PCB may be changed/stepped forward by everyone due to the fact it’s miles open source. These devices are fully like minded with Arduino IDE, which lets in going for walks very own sketches from a microSD card without having to reflash the device. The microBytes are designed with four dome buttons (begin, pick out, and R/L cause) and eight inductive buttons with a rubber membrane. These 8Bit consoles fits in a 7.8cm x 4cm x 1.7cm bundle.