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Manufacturer:Analog Devices Inc.
Product Category:LED Lighting Development Tools
Product:Demonstration Boards
For Use With:LT3950
Operating Supply Voltage:6 V to 24 V
Brand:Analog Devices
Product Type:LED Lighting Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity:1
Subcategory:Development Tools


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Simple Devices Inc. DC2788A Demonstration Circuit for LT3950
DC2788A Demonstration Circuit for LT3950
Simple Devices DC2788A Demonstration Circuit for LT®3950 is a lift LED driver including the LT3950. This showing circuit controls a series of LEDs at 330mA. The move forward geography can be utilized to drive a line of up to 28V LEDs as collected. The greatest result voltage capacity of the LT3950 is 60V. DC2788A runs from an info voltage scope of 6V to 24V as assembled. It likewise runs at 2MHz and can turn on spread range recurrence adjustment (SSFM) for a recurrence scope of 2.0MHz to 2.5MHz. Diminishing control can be accomplished with simple darkening or PWM diminishing—either from an outer or inside created clock source. DC2788A highlights an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) set at 6.6V with a 1.0V hysteresis for turn-on. The UVLO voltage, LED current, yield voltage range, exchanging recurrence, brilliance control, SSFM, and the geography would all be able to be changed with basic adjustments to the show circuit.