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Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics
Product Category: Flow Sensors
Brand: Renesas / IDT
Packaging: Tray
Product Type: Flow Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity: 12
Subcategory: Sensors


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    Renesas/IDT FS102x Liquid Flow Sensor Modules
    FS102x Liquid Flow Sensor Modules
    Renesas/IDT FS102x Liquid Flow Sensor Modules are intended to quantify the stream pace of fluid utilizing the thermo-move (calorimetric) rule. These stream sensors use thermopile detecting that gives an incredible sign to-clamor proportion. The stream sensors are planned with a strong warm separation innovation and silicon-carbide covering. This shields the sensors from grating wear and gives vigor and long haul dependability. The stream sensors offer negligible stream opposition, making it profoundly reasonable for gravity-feed applications.