Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Amphenol
Product Category: Solar Connectors / Photovoltaic Connectors
Product: Housings
Mounting Style: Cable
Termination Style: Crimp
IP Rating: IP68
Brand: Amphenol Industrial
Gender: Female
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Product Type: Solar Connectors / Photovoltaic Connectors
Subcategory: Solar Connectors / Photovoltaic Connectors
Voltage Rating: 1.5 kVDC


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    Amphenol Amphe-PV H4 Plus Solar Connectors
    Amphe-PV H4 Plus Solar Connectors
    Amphenol Amphe-PV H4 Plus Solar Connectors are single-post power connectors that are intended to surpass the presentation of the UTX and H4 group of PV connectors. The Amphe-PV H4 Plus is double guaranteed at 1500VDC to UL 6703 and IEC 62852. Intended for use in photovoltaic PV modules, inverters, and establishments, these heartily developed connectors are solid, tough, and stable over a long period. The connectors offer strong warm shock execution 3x over that of UL necessities; surpasses UL dry hotness and soggy hotness openness prerequisites by 2x; and outperforms UL mugginess and freeze warm cycling power prerequisites by 3x, making them incredibly hearty in the field.