Product AttributeAttribute Value
Product Category:MOSFET
Mounting Style:SMD/SMT
Package / Case:TDSON-FL-8
Transistor Polarity:N-Channel
Number of Channels:1 Channel
Vds – Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage:40 V
Id – Continuous Drain Current:238 A
Rds On – Drain-Source Resistance:1.2 mOhms
Vgs – Gate-Source Voltage:– 20 V, + 20 V
Vgs th – Gate-Source Threshold Voltage:2.3 V
Qg – Gate Charge:25 nC
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 175 C
Pd – Power Dissipation:125 W
Channel Mode:Enhancement
Packaging:Cut Tape
Brand:Infineon Technologies
Product Type:MOSFET
Factory Pack Quantity:5000
Part # Aliases:ISC012N04LM6 SP005559102


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Product Compliance

USHTS: 8541290095

TARIC: 8541290000


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OptiMOS™ 6 Power MOSFETs
Infineon Technologies OptiMOS™ 6 Power MOSFETs provide next generation, modern-day innovation, and exceptional-in-magnificence overall performance. The OptiMOS 6 circle of relatives utilizes thin wafer generation that permits significant overall performance benefits. Compared to alternative merchandise, the OptiMOS 6 Power MOSFETs have a reduced RDS(ON) of 30% and are optimized for synchronous rectification.