Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Product Category: Power Management IC Development Tools
Product: Evaluation Modules
Type: Ideal Diode
Input Voltage: 3 V to 65 V
Output Voltage: 3 V to 37.5 V
Tool Is For Evaluation Of: LM7480-Q1
Brand: Texas Instruments
Interface Type: USB
Output Current: 2 A, 2.5 A
Product Type: Power Management IC Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools


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    Texas Instruments LM74800EVM-CS Controller Evaluation Module
    LM74800EVM-CS Controller Evaluation Module
    Texas Instruments LM74800EVM-CS Controller Evaluation Module (EVM) assists architects with assessing the activity and execution of the LM74800-Q1, an optimal diode regulator with exchanged result. The LM7480x-Q1 drives and controls outer consecutive N-Channel MOSFETs to copy an optimal diode rectifier, with power way ON/OFF control and overvoltage security. The Texas Instruments LM74800EVM-CS exhibits how the LM74800-Q1, alongside two consecutive N-Channel MOSFETs arranged in like manner source geography, can furnish 200V unsuppressed burden dump security with invert battery assurance to the downstream circuit. The main door drive HGATE controls an outside N-divert MOSFET to switch off or clip yield voltage to an adequate safe level. The subsequent entryway drive DGATE controls another outer N-Channel MOSFET to imitate an optimal diode.