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Manufacturer: Xsens
Product Category: IMUs – Inertial Measurement Units
Sensor Type: 9-axis
Sensing Axis: X, Y, Z
Sensitivity: 0.001 deg/s/g
Acceleration: 10000 g
Interface Type: CAN, RS-232, UART, USB
Supply Voltage – Min: 4.5 V
Supply Voltage – Max: 24 V
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Packaging: Bulk
Bandwidth: 500 Hz, 520 Hz
Brand: Xsens
Product Type: IMUs – Inertial Measurement Units
Range: 2000 deg/s
Factory Pack Quantity: 2
Subcategory: Sensors


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    Xsens MTi 600-Series Rugged IP68 Sensor Modules
    MTi 600-Series Rugged IP68 Sensor Modules
    Xsens MTi 600-Series Rugged IP68 Sensor Modules are uniquely intended for brutal conditions and element tough lodging and IP evaluations. These inertial movement sensors give toughness in a little structure figure for simple mix applications. The MTi-630R Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) offers an IP68 rating. Its sensor and sensor combination calculation convey information on float free roll, pitch, and genuine North-referred to yaw. The MTi-620R Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) is evaluated IP68 and gives 0.2° roll/pitch precision, while the MTi-610R Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) includes an IP68 rating and industrial facility aligned inertial information. Xsens MTi 600-Series Rugged IP68 Sensor Modules are upheld by the free MT Software Suite, which incorporates a product advancement unit (SDK), model codes, drivers for some stages, and MT Manager, the graphical UI (GUI) for Windows/Linux.