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Manufacturer: Neutrik
Product Category: AC Power Plugs & Receptacles
Brand: Neutrik
Product Type: AC Power Plugs & Receptacles
Factory Pack Quantity: 100
Subcategory: Power Connectors
Unit Weight: 0.651122 oz


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    Neutrik powerCON® Connection Systems
    powerCON® Connection Systems
    Neutrik powerCON Connection Systems include lockable, strong, and solid 3-shaft hardware (AC) connectors. The item family incorporates NAC3 powerCON 20A Airtight Chassis Connectors and Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP Connectors. NAC3 powerCON 20A Connectors are locking three-guide hardware AC connectors with line, nonpartisan, and pre-mating ground contacts. The TRUE1 TOP Connectors are ruggedized fixed connectors that are IP65 climate safe with UV opposition.