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Manufacturer: Vishay
Product Category: Thermistors – NTC
B Parameter: 3935 K
Resistance: 30 kOhms
Tolerance: 1 %
Termination Style: Radial
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 185 C
Package / Case: 6 mm x 2.4 mm
Length: 6 mm
Width: 2.4 mm
Height: 2.4 mm
Packaging: Bulk
B Tolerance: 1 %
Beta Value: B25/85
Brand: Vishay / BC Components
Lead Diameter: 0.2 mm
Product Type: NTC Thermistors
Factory Pack Quantity: 500
Subcategory: Thermistors
Type: NTC


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    Vishay/BC Components NTCLE350E4 Insulated Lead NTC Thermistors
    NTCLE350E4 Insulated Lead NTC Thermistors
    Vishay/BC Components NTCLE350E4 Insulated Lead NTC Thermistors are high-temperature sensors with low warm inclination PEEK protected NiFe leads appropriate for car and modern applications that require enduring to +185°C. The negative temperature coefficient thermistors comprise of a smaller than expected chip patched between two 32AWG PEEK protected silver-plated NiFe compound leads which give low warm conductivity. The thermistors are then covered with dark shaded epoxy polish. High cement strength between the PEEK wires and exemplifying finish works on the conduct of the parts in high mugginess conditions (+85°C/85% relative stickiness). The sensor’s exhaustive vigorous development likewise makes it reasonable for testing gathering mounting processes including welding, brazing, forming, and preparing.