Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
Product Category: Bluetooth / 802.15.1 Development Tools
Product: Reference Boards
Tool Is For Evaluation Of: STM32WB15CCU6U –
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Brand: STMicroelectronics
Packaging: Bulk
Product Type: Bluetooth Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools
Unit Weight: 2.737612 oz


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    STMicroelectronics STM32WB Nucleo-64 sheets
    STM32WB Nucleo-64 sheets
    STMicroelectronics STM32WB Nucleo-64 Boards are a BLUETOOTH® Low Energy (BLE) remote and super low-power gadget. It installs a strong and super low-power radio consistent with the BLE SIG particular v5.2. The NUCLEO-WB55RG offers a radio consistent with IEEE 802.15.4-2011 norm. It permits the basic and fast assessment of STM32WB55xx gadgets.