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Manufacturer: Qorvo
Product Category: RF Development Tools
Brand: Qorvo
Product Type: RF Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools
Part # Aliases: QPA1314D


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    Qorvo QPA1314DEVB Evaluation Board
    QPA1314DEVB Evaluation Board
    Qorvo QPA1314DEVB Evaluation Board is intended to assess the QPA1314D 55Watt GaN Power Amplifier. The QPA1314D works somewhere in the range of 13.75GHz and 14.5GHz and accomplishes 55W immersed yield power. The working recurrence on the Amplifier reaches out to 12.75GHz – 15.35GHz. The QPA1314DEVB Evaluation Board is undeniably utilized in satellite correspondences and datalink applications.