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Product Category:Air Quality Sensors
Type:Gas Sensor
Sensor Type:Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Operating Supply Voltage:2.4 V to 5.5 V
Moisture Sensitive:Yes
Mounting Style:SMD/SMT
Packaging:Cut Tape
Product Type:Air Quality Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity:60
Supply Voltage – Max:5.5 V
Supply Voltage – Min:2.4 V
Part # Aliases:3.000.496 3.000.496


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Sensirion SCD4x Miniaturized CO2 Sensors
SCD4x Miniaturized CO2 Sensors
Sensirion SCD4x Miniaturized CO2 Sensors are CO2 and RH/T sensors that fit in a space of just one cubic centimeter. These CO2 sensors offer a 2.4V to 5.5V supply voltage range, fully calibrated digital I2C output, and ±(30ppm + 3%MV) accuracy rating. Compared to the SCD30, the SCD4x footprint has been miniaturized by a factor of 5, resulting in dimensions of just 10.1mm x 10.1mm x 6.5mm. With the use of the photoacoustic sensing principle, the dimensions of the optical cavity are greatly reduced without compromising on sensor performance. The SCD4x series features a quality humidity and temperature sensor that delivers two additional sensor outputs. Sensirion SCD4x Miniaturized CO2 Sensors are ideal for sensing markets such as IoT, automotive, HVAC, appliances, and consumer goods.