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Manufacturer:Kyocera AVX
Product Category:Supercapacitors
Product:Electric Double Layer Capacitors
Termination Style:SMD/SMT
Capacitance:3.5 F
Voltage Rating DC:2.1 VDC
Tolerance:– 10 %, + 30 %
ESR:110 mOhms
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 90 C
Length:48 mm
Width:45 mm
Height:0.8 mm
Life:2000 Hour, 500000 Cycle
Brand:Kyocera AVX
Product Type:Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors
Factory Pack Quantity:42
Type:Flat Rectangular


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Kyocera AVX PrizmaCap™ Capacitors
PrizmaCap™ Capacitors
Kyocera AVX PrizmaCap™ Capacitors utilize an enacted carbon terminal and have a propylene carbonate-based (PC) electrolyte with a paper separator and SMT leads. The PrizmaCap current gatherer is made of an extraordinary low ESR-type aluminum. The PrizmaCap highlights a cell voltage of ~2.1V/cell and 2.1V appraised voltage. Kyocera AVX PrizmaCap Capacitors offer a position of safety item with high energy, low ESR and LC, and high-temperature abilities with a working temperature scope of – 55°C to +90°C.