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Product Category:Flow Sensors
Type:Flow Meter
For Use With:Air, Oxygen, Non-Aggressive Gases
Range:– 33 slm to 33 slm
Accuracy:10 %
Operation Mode:Bidirectional
Operating Supply Voltage:5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 50 C
Minimum Operating Temperature:+ 5 C
Output Type:Digital
Product Type:Flow Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity:90
Supply Voltage – Max:5.25 V
Supply Voltage – Min:4.75 V
Part # Aliases:1-101607-01 1-101607-01


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Sensirion SFM3400 Digital Flow Meters
SFM3400 Digital Flow Meters
Sensirion SFM340 Digital Flow Meters are uniquely intended for neonatal/pediatric clinical applications to exactly quantify the stream pace of air, oxygen, and other non-forceful gases. These meters give an aligned stream pace of ±33 standard liters each moment (SLM), low strain drop, and little dead space (<1ml). The stream meters depend on CMOSens® innovation, which is incorporated with the sensor component. Sensirion SFM340 Digital Flow Meters measure the breathing stream pace of the inward breath and exhalation of patients and are reasonable for the ventilation of babies and youngsters.