Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Amphenol
Product Category: Air Quality Sensors
Type: Oxygen Sensor
Sensor Type: Oxygen (O)
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 50 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 20 C
Operating Supply Voltage: 0.9 V
Brand: Amphenol SGX Sensortech
Current Rating: 0.01 A
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Product Type: Air Quality Sensors
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Sensors
Unit Weight: 1.731996 oz


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    Amphenol SGX Sensortech SGX-VOX Oxygen Sensor For Ventilators
    SGX-VOX Oxygen Sensor For Ventilators
    Amphenol SGX Sensortech SGX-VOX Oxygen Sensor For Ventilators is a 0% to 100% oxygen (O2) sensor with locally available temperature pay. This oxygen sensor offers <0.1% O2 zero current (offset) and 9mV to 13mV result voltage range in air (estimated at standard tension and temperature). The SGX-VOX oxygen sensor highlights <5 seconds of T90 reaction time and <50 seconds of T99.5 reaction time. This oxygen sensor gives <2% O2 temperature remuneration at 0°C to 40°C temperature range. The SGX-VOX oxygen sensor will have no cross-affectability impact because of poisonous gases at the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) levels. This oxygen sensor isn't reasonable for persistent activity in centralizations of carbon dioxide (CO2) above 25%. The SGX-VOX sensor isn't intended for use in applications where sedative gases are available.