Product AttributeAttribute Value
Product Category:Solar Panels & Solar Cells
Output Power:90 mW
Maximum Output Current:22 mA
Maximum Output Voltage:4.2 V
Length:84 mm
Width:37 mm
Thickness:0.22 mm
Application:Indoor, Intermittent Outdoor
Isc – Short Circuit Current:28 mA
Output Voltage:6.5 V
Product:Solar Modules
Product Type:Solar Panels & Solar Cells
Factory Pack Quantity:100
Subcategory:Embedded Solutions
Voc – Open Circuit Voltage:6.5 V
Unit Weight:0.030000 oz


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PowerFilm Classic Application Component Solar Panels
Exemplary Application Component Solar Panels
PowerFilm Classic Application Electronic Component Solar Panels are improved to gather daylight outside, lightweight, paper-slim, and tough. These boards are fit to control remote gadgets and sensors of the IoT business just as numerous other hardware. Sizes range from crawls to feet squared with a standard thickness of 0.22mm. Their super flimsy profile empowers simple mix into gadgets for sunlight based re-energizing or direct power. Boards have been explicitly evolved to re-energize an assortment of standard battery sizes. The Classic Application sun powered chargers don’t have an UV-settled surface yet are reasonable for irregular outside use.