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Manufacturer: ams
Product Category: Optical Sensor Development Tools
Product: Evaluation Modules
Type: Color Sensor
Tool Is For Evaluation Of: TCS3430
Brand: ams
Product Type: Optical Sensor Development Tools
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Subcategory: Development Tools
Part # Aliases: 990600886


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ams TCS3430 Evaluation Kit
TCS3430 Evaluation Kit
ams TCS3430 Evaluation Kit is intended to assess the TCS3430 closeness sensor module. This pack involves a Main Controller Board with a PIC Microcontroller and an industry-standard USB 2.0 interface (with a USB link), and a TCS3430 Module Daughter Board, The TCS3430 Evaluation Kit additionally incorporates “plug-n-play” USB HID class drivers, programming documentation, and GUI (Graphic User Interface) programming. This permits clients to control the closeness sensor settings as the PIC takes the TCS3430 I2C computerized results to work out illuminance in lux and shading temperature.