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Product Category:Coin Cell Battery
Shipping Restrictions: Available in USA only.
Battery Size:VL2330
Battery Chemistry:Lithium Vanadium Pentoxide (LiV2O5)
Output Voltage:3 V
Capacity:50 mAh
Termination Style:SMD/SMT
Width:23 mm
Height:3 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 20 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 60 C
Brand:Panasonic Battery
Product Type:Coin Cell Battery
Factory Pack Quantity:20
Unit Weight:0.123459 oz


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Panasonic Battery Types
Battery Types
Panasonic batteries incorporate an assortment of types for a wide exhibit of uses. Metal Hydride Batteries offer up to multiple times the limit of same size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. Coin Cell Batteries incorporate lithium and battery-powered lithium combination cells highlighting high energy thickness. Shopper and Photo Batteries are basic or lithium batteries intended for use in a wide scope of utilizations and enterprises, remembering tube shaped CR lithium batteries for use for cameras. Electronic Batteries are barrel shaped lithium and pin type lithium batteries for power supplies, LEDs, and different applications. Fixed Lead Acid Batteries are valve controlled battery-powered batteries. Formless Silicon Solar Cells offer high voltage yield, can be basically any shape, and can be fastened to a wide assortment of materials.