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Manufacturer: Mini-Circuits
Product Category: Signal Conditioning
Product Type: Signal Conditioning
Packaging: Reel
Packaging: Cut Tape
Packaging: MouseReel
Brand: Mini-Circuits
Factory Pack Quantity: 500
Subcategory: Filters


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    Smaller than usual Circuits Reflectionless Filters
    Reflectionless Filters
    Smaller than usual Circuits Reflectionless Filters offer a licensed inward burden that wipes out of band flags and are great for non-direct circuits. Reflectionless channels wipe out stop band reflections, permitting them to be combined with delicate gadgets and utilized in applications that in any case require circuits like seclusion intensifiers or attenuators. These channels include licensed channel geography that retains and kills stopband flags inside rather than reflecting them back to the source. Scaled down Circuits Reflectionless Filters are great for cell phones, fixed satellites, military, and space applications.